Beds, Blankets, Crates and Stairs

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The leisure accessories for your dog cannot get any better then what we offer at Bling Bling Poochies. We have wide range of designer products to suit your dog’s needs. You will find all the coziest of bed, blanket, dog steps and dog crates to complement your home. Whether you dog is small or big, we have an option for both from our latest fashion designers.

Dog beds vary in price, and we have a wide range to offer our customers. We offer a large variety of pillow size beds, furniture size beds for your dog. We have large selection of blankets available to choose from for your dog too. The dog furniture’s that we offer are sure to impress you as we aim to cater to your needs according to your budget. Everything is just a click away to handle your dog bed, pet blanket, dog and cat crates, pet stairs, cllimbers and dens right here!

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