Retro Dots Martingale Dog Collar in Variety of Colors


Martingale Dog Collar

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Retro Nylon Martingale Chain Slip Loop Dog Collar

Our Retro Dots Martingale Collars provide the convenience of adjustable sizing with the safety of a limited range of choke collar action. Collar size adjusts as pressure is applied to the leash.

A martingale collar is also know as a limited slip collar or a safety collar. The martingale collar was designed for dogs whose necks are larger than their heads (like greyhounds and whippets); but have gained popularity with other breed owners who prefer the gentle control of a martingale collar over a choke chain and owners of dogs who try to back out of their traditional buckle collars.

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Reto Dot Colors

Black, Lavender, Lime Green, White

Martingale Sizes

Medium – 10-18" x 1" Wide, Large – 18-26" x 1" Wide